Hi! I’m David Daly and Outside of the Triangle is my place to blog ideas that are in any way related to software development management.

I currently live in Nottingham (UK) where I work for a large multinational IT services company. My official title is “Project Leader” although I tend to think of myself as an “All-round-general-dogs-body” because I get involved in pretty much everything: project management, product strategy, coding, design, architecture, bids, meeting clients, delivering training courses and making cups of tea.

Having worked in IT for just over eight years I am beginning to form opinions about what works and what doesn’t. What most interests me is when conventionally accepted wisdom turns out to be flawed or ineffective and when you can show that alternative approaches may produce better results.

I really enjoy hearing other people’s thoughts and comments (however much they may clash with my own!) so please feel free to have a read and then tell me what you think!

I can be contacted by email on david@daly.net


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