Book Review: Ready for Anything

Not all that long ago I read David Allen’s excellent book on personal organisation Getting Things Done (which I also reviewed in this post). Ready for Anything is a follow up to this and consists of a collection of 52 short essays, each of which talks philosophically about the techniques he described in his previous book.

It is a relatively short book and I finished it in what felt like no time at all (always a good sign). David Allen’s writing style is enjoyable to read and the book is littered with wonderful quotations.

I don’t think this book would be very meaningful unless you have already read Getting Things Done. In fact, I felt that this book contained very little new information at all. This led me to wonder whether there was really any point to reading it? Was I just participating in some kind of GTD masturbation: good fun but hardly fruitful?

I think the answer is a partial yes. However it did highlight to me some areas of GTD that I have not been applying as well as I need to in order to keep on top of my work and personal commitments. In fact, each essay ends with some questions that are specifically designed to uncover any areas in your life where you might not be living up to your full potential.

To summarise, this book was:

  • Enjoyable to read
  • A little bit useful
  • Not worth reading unless you have already read (and at least partially implemented) Getting Things Done

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