Great Websites for Project Managers

In the paper that I recently presented at the Association for Project Management (APM) conference I included a section that listed useful and interesting websites related to project management. I don’t often publish lists like this on my blog but today I’m going to make an exception! These are all sites that I visit regularly and I feel they offer useful and/or interesting viewpoints. I thoroughly recommend that you take a look and consider adding some or all of them to your RSS reader of choice.

10x Software Development

Advice and opinions from legendary expert on managing software development Steve McConnell.

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

Informative thoughts on project management from Elizabeth Harrin.

Agile Project Planning

Information and insights about agile project planning and software development by Dave Churchville.

Alex S Brown

Alex S Brown publishes a wealth of project management related information on his website. You can read my interview with Alex here.

Aligning Technology, Strategy, People & Projects

Thoughts from Eric D Brown on aligning technology, strategy, people and projects.

Bruce’s Brain

Blog of Bruce P Henry (Director of Rocket Science at LiquidPlanner) in which he talks about a wide range of topics that are related to the management of software projects (and some that aren’t!). You can read my interview with Bruce here.


The homepage for Construx Software, Steve McConnell’s software consultancy, this site has many useful resources including white papers, estimation tools and recommended reading lists.

IT Leadership

Information about IT leadership from TechRepublic (which also has many other useful IT related resources).

Johanna Rothman

Johanna Rothman is a well known expert and author on the management of technical projects. On her website she maintains two blogs: Managing Product Development and Hiring Technical People. Additionally Johanna makes available many of her interesting articles. You can read my interview with Johanna here.


A website dedicated to self improvement with a focus on personal productivity, motivation, positive psychology and self education.

Pawel Brodzinski on Software Project Management

Pawel Brodzinski’s blog about all things releated to the management of software projects. You can also read my interview with Pawel here.

PM Hut

A large collection of categorized articles on project management.

Practicing Earl

Thoughts from Earl Beede on product development (especially software).

Project Management 2.0

Views and analysis of how Enterprise 2.0 technologies affect contemporary project management and what impact they have on an organisation as a whole.

Project Shrink

Blog by Bas de Baar that focuses on the importance of people in software projects.

Undocumented Features

Stacey Douglas presents her ideas about software project management, business analysis and improving the software development lifecycle.

Raven’s Brain

Blog by Raven Young on all aspects of project management and leadership with a particular focus on the “softer skills” that are so critical to effective leadership. You can read my interview with Raven here.

The McCarthy Show

The website of Jim and Michelle McCarthy where they host a podcast and publish a wealth of other useful information about building high performing teams. You can read my interview with Jim McCarthy here.

The Practice of Leadership

Articles by George Ambler on leadership skills.

Tyner Blain

Scott Sehlhorst’s thoughts on the most effective ways to develop software.


4 comments so far

  1. […] Daly over at Outside the Triangle recently posted a listing of “Great Websites for Project Managers“…and I was surprised to a link to my blog on there!  […]

  2. Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey on

    I could not agree more with the choices of Eric Brown and Scott Sehlhorst.


  3. Eric Brown on

    David – thanks for the mention. I’m not sure I should be in the same league as some of these folks though! 🙂

  4. Raven on

    Hi David – I’m about a month late in commenting, but wanted to thank you for including my blog on your list. There are some big names listed and I’m honored to be included among them.

    Keep up the good work on your end!

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