What Makes a Great Project Management Blog?

Ahh. If only I knew the answer to that question. I certainly wouldn’t be sharing it with everyone here that’s for sure!

Recently I read with interest Raven Young’s post entitled Project Management Link-Fest. Partly because she linked to my recent interview with Johanna Rothman, partly because she linked to a load of other interesting stuff but mainly (on this occasion) because of her comment at the end of the list:

I’m thinking this link-fest thing is a lazy (wo)man’s way to share a lot of great articles and posts, but know long lists of links isn’t the best way to share soild content. I’ll try to keep these types of posts to a minimum.

It is sometimes easy to think that posting a list of links is in some way “not really blogging” or lazy. But I don’t think she needs to worry.

One of the reasons I find Raven’s blog so useful is that she obviously takes the time to read a lot of material and then posts links to the best of it on her site. In fact, if I had to choose only one blog to read, it could quite easily be hers: she’ll probably be linking to everything that I really want to know about anyway! As I said in my post Communication: 6 Ways to Add Value creating a list of related information sources does deliver a benefit because it makes it easier to find things that you are interested in.


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  1. Raven on

    Hi David –

    Thanks for your kind words! I do tend to feel lazy when posting long lists of links, mostly because I feel like folks won’t want to dredge through them. I actually get emails that my posts are too long, so it’s nice to hear from someone who enjoys reading the same stuff I do and doesn’t mind a list ‘o links every now and then.

    Thanks for the great write up! I always appreciate feedback on my blog – especially something so positive. You absolutely made my weekend! T-h-a-n-k you sir!

    BTW – I’m enjoying your PM interview series. I’m a fan of Johanna Rothman and found the Q&A between you two interesting – nice job!!

  2. howardtoronto on

    You might look at another blog on project management: The Vertabase Blog.

    It develops the idea that Project Management can really evolve with online tools that make the act of project management simpler across distributed teams. Systems enables a higher focus on customer outcomes rather than excessive project management functionality.

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