September Web Roundup

Well time is flying by as usual and another month has been and gone! Just time for a quick roundup of what has really caught my attention on the web in the last 30 days…

Steve McConnell’s blog post Building a Fort: Lessons in Software Estimation seems to have received a lot of attention and rightly so. It makes for a very entertaining read as you learn about the trials and tribulations of his latest DIY project. Steve also manages to draw some useful conclusions regarding software estimation.

As someone who has a soft spot for PHP I was interested to see this article on Reg Developer saying that Derek Sivers has given up porting CD Baby from PHP to Ruby on Rails. Instead he has decided to re-write it in…er…PHP. Derek explains his reasons here. Most interesting to me is that he took what he learned from Rails and applied it using PHP which shows that it’s not always about what language you use, but how you use it. It is also interesting because it shows that there can be business justifications for re-writing code in the same language.

Over in the world of personal development/self improvement Tim Ferriss has written about the 21-Day No-Complaint Experiment. I generally try to maintain a positive attitude but know that it’s not always easy! If this technique works as well as he reports then I might just have to give it a go…

Finally, if you feel your team requires “more management” then maybe you can use this technique, demonstrated so well by everyone’s favourite pointy-haired manager over at


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